Audia Akustik

AUDIA offers a wide range of individual hearing solutions, with products in the fields of earmould, ear protection, in-ear monitoring and hearing aids from Bruckhoff.

Facts and



A team of over 100 works at AUDIA, ensuring smooth operations in all areas.



hearing care professionals trust the know-how and products of AUDIA AKUSTIK – both domestically and internationally.

Our aim

We manufacture each individual earmould as a unique item. Made in Sömmerda – Made in Germany.

Innovating for over


years of commercial success, AUDIA is one of the largest earmould manufacturers in Germany.

The secret of our success:


Because only those who listen well can offer the hearing solutions that are in demand on the market.

100 % passion

Passion has always been our driving force and guiding principle.


  1. 1992
    Audia Akustik GmbH was founded

    AUDIA was born at the site in the German town of Kölleda, in a former polyclinic. At first, just four shareholders and one employee. The product range included HdO and IO hearing aids, as well as earmoulds and hearing protection.

  2. 1993
    Relocation and partnership

    After just one year, the workforce increased to 11. This is when partnership with Hansaton Akustik began.

  3. 1997
    The first digital hearing aids

    The gradual introduction of digital hearing aids, e.g. “Trimant” – the first hearing aid with digital programming – began.

  4. 2002
    Relocation to the new company building

    The old business premises had become too small and AUDIA moved into the self-financed current company building on Franz-Mehring-Strasse in Sömmerda. The number of employees grew to 50. In addition, an investment was made in a laser stereolithography manufacturing line.

  5. 2007
    Development of AQ technology

    AQ technology was launched – a charging process that enables contactless charging of hearing aids. It received the iF product award.

  6. 2015
    Audia became part of Sonova

    Know-how was pooled, the company was re-established and from then on it put all of its passion, knowledge and skills into the fields that it does best: Earmoulds, hearing protection and in-ear-monitoring. Individuality and diversity were the key focus.

    At the end of the year, one of the founding fathers of the company, Helmut Steinbrecher, left. He was followed by Thilo Dittes, together with Lutz Kupper.

  7. 2016
    Portfolio expansion

    AUDIA took over the business operations of Bruckhoff Hannover GmbH. Bruckhoff has been producing innovative hearing solutions and medical devices since 1981. It is particularly well-known for its unique combination of hearing aid and glasses in the field of bone and air conduction hearing aids.

    Bruckhoff creates significant value for AUDIA AKUSTIK GMBH with its know-how in the mentioned areas and its range of hearing products on offer.

  8. 2017
    Silver anniversary

    Enjoying continued success on the market, AUDIA celebrated its 25th anniversary. The company now has over 100 employees and has grown into one of the largest earmould manufacturers in Germany.