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Our recipe: Listen. Our recipe: Listen.
Our recipe: Listen. Our recipe: Listen.

Customised laboratory work, in combination with individual craftsmanship and state-of-the-art production technology, allows us to offer a variety of cosmetically attractive solutions for earmoulds, hearing protection and headphones with the highest precision and comprehensive service. With over 3,000 acoustic partners, we are one of Europe's largest laboratories. Every day, we create unique products with a passion for better hearing.

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150 employees. DIN ISO 13485 certified.
150 employees. DIN ISO 13485 certified.
Innovation and sustainability.
Innovation and sustainability.
Quality, comfort and safety. Made in Germany.
Quality, comfort and safety. Made in Germany.

Development, manufacture and production of earmoulds, hearing protection and headphones. Quality made in Thuringia.

Those who listen well can offer hearing solutions that are in demand on the market. We have been successful on the market for over 30 years and are one of the largest earmould manufacturers in Europe. Passionate and full of enthusiasm - a team of acousticians, engineers, business people and technicians, that is AUDIA.

The interaction between all the players is reflected in each of our products. Every day, we create unique, customised hearing solutions for you and your customers. In our training centre, we also teach the theoretical and practical content of our product range.

Audia – pleasant, open and authentic.

We are an advocate of the continuous improvement process and believe in the power of this philosophy. At AUDIA, we have a stable foundation of quality and know-how, which gives us security and enables us to be open to innovation and to build on it continuously.

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Hearing protection

The calm
in you.

Männliches Model mit Gehörschutz im Ohr.


Feel the

Männliches Model mit Kopfhörern im Ohr.


Unique in
the ear.

Weibliches Model mit Otoplastik im Ohr.
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