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PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425

The new PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 is effective immediately. To avoid a PPE surprise, AUDIA AKUSTIK has taken all measures for uncomplicated, legally compliant implementation. This means you can continue to customise hearing protection easily and efficiently in the future. All PPE-compliant products are labelled as such in the catalogue and on the product page, as well as in the EASYORDER ordering portal and on our website.

Fundamental change for hearing protection: The new regulation recognises harmful noise as an irreversible health hazard. Hearing protection therefore falls under risk category III, which entails stricter requirements for all stakeholders.

After ordering a PPE-compliant product from us, check it according to our checklist. We offer you all the information and online services relating to PPE for download.

Our hearing protection - your checklist:

  • CE labelling
  • Required documents (declaration of conformity)
  • Instructions for use
  • Manufacturer's labelling on the PPE
  • Brand name of the PPE
  • Performance of a functional test

Products that comply with the regulation

  • ePRO-X.S X.2M, X.3M, X.4M, X.5M
  • ePRO-X.A X.2M, X.3M, X.4M, X.5M
  • Alpine F7, F8, F10
  • Elacin CH25, CH26, CH28, CH30
  • Elacin RC15, RC17, RC18, RC19
  • Elacin ER15, ER25
  • DM blue, white, black

Products that do not comply with the regulation

  • ePRO-X.S X.1M
  • ePRO-X.A X.1M
  • Elacin ER9
  • Elacin RC13
  • Sleeping and swimming protection

Feedback on the functional test


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