Individual headphones

Feel the

In-ear headphones, made for you.

Music, movies and everything else sounds simply fantastic. The in-ears from AUDIA deliver rich, high-quality sound. Customization and selected technical components ensure first-class sound with impressive noise insulation.

In-ear headphones from AUDIA: Tailor-made for your ears.

With the in-ear headphones from AUDIA, you not only experience a completely new sound experience, but can also enjoy the perfect fit in your ear.

Listening to music and making phone calls on public transport and in buildings, while shopping, walking, on the way home or directly at work - wherever you want to use in-ear headphones, AUDIA in-ear headphones offer you amazingly natural acoustics and a perfect fit in the ear thanks to customization.

In-ear headphones from AUDIA combine perfect sound with pleasant wearing comfort.

Individual and custom-fit in-ear headphones that feel just as good as they sound. The ideal first step into your in-ear world

PHeeL In-Ears

Headphones for the best in-ear sound.

The new PHeeL headphones provide amazing natural acoustics and fit perfectly in the ear. They make you feel like you can experience sound without compromise. Thanks to customisation and selected technical components, PHeeL ensures first-class sound with impressive noise insulation.

  • Speaker: 1-way balanced armature
  • Frequency range: 20 Hz - 8,000 Hz
  • Impedance: 31,5 Ω
  • External noise insulation: up to 30 dB
  • Output sound pressure: max 110 dB
  • Main connection: 3.5 mm mini jack plug
  • Cerum protection changeable

materials & colours


Fototec is a light-curing plastic for the production of earmoulds based on the 3D printing process and offers many innovative advantages of digital production.


Material Fototec – Farbe transparent


Material Fototec – Farbe transp.-rosa


Material Fototec – Farbe weiß


Material Fototec – Farbe transp.-neongelb


Material Fototec – Farbe schwarz


Material Fototec – Farbe beige


Material Fototec – Farbe transp.-blau


Material Fototec – Farbe transp.-orange


Material Fototec – Farbe transp.-rot


Material Fototec – Farbe transp.-violett


Product world


Unique in
the ear.

Weibliches Model mit Otoplastik im Ohr.


Feel the

Männliches Model mit Kopfhörern im Ohr.

Hearing protection

The calm
in you.

Männliches Model mit Gehörschutz im Ohr.
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