The eyewear hearing aids, la belle air conduction and la belle bone conduction, if you don’t want anyone to notice.

The Bruckhoff eyewear
hearing aid.

Our innovative hearing aids, such as the eyewear hearing aids la belle air conduction and la belle bone conduction are the most discreet and comfortable way to wear a hearing aid. For the children’s hearing aids, we’ve developed a bone conduction hearing aid that gives children easy access to the world of hearing.

la belle bone conduction

hearing and
seeing in one.

Virtually no other hearing aid is as discreet and comfortable. State-of-the-art technology that ensures a brilliant listening experience.

la belle bone conduction

When the inner ear is intact and the outer and/or middle ear do not allow sound transmission, bone conduction hearing aids help in transmitting sound. These transmit the sound by means of mechanical vibrations to the skull bone, and from there into the inner ear.

Bruckhoff - Brillen-Hörsystem mit transparentem Brillenrahmen und eingebautem Knochenleitungssystem

Your own glasses can become a hearing aid

Practical, simple and inexpensive. Whether you’re working, reading or wearing sunglasses, thanks to the ingenious la belle Click hearing aid, you only need one hearing device for your glasses. Just click it onto the frames of the glasses you want to wear.

Bruckhoff - Alltagsbrille in den Farben lila und orange mit Click-System eines Knochenleitsystems

Flexible with the glasses end piece

Of course, you can also wear your glasses as usual without any hearing aid at all. To do this, attach the replacement earpiece to your glasses’ frames instead of your hearing aid.

Bruckhoff - Alltagsbrille mit rustikalem Farbschema, braun

Discreet and barely visible.

Seeing and hearing in one – la belle eyewear hearing aids elegantly combine hearing aids and glasses. This makes la belle virtually invisible: Ideal for those wanting an inconspicuous solution that provides a natural listening experience both in and outside work. la Belle eyewear hearing aids are available with air and bone conduction.

Bruckhoff - Brille in rustikalem, braunem Farbschema mit Knochenleitungssystem

Bruckhoff is a
renowned brand
from Audia Akustik.

Bruckhoff Hannover has been developing, producing and selling technically and visually innovative hearing aids and medical devices since 1981. The firm’s best-known products include the hearing glasses la belle, as well as many now market-leading bone conduction products. Bruckhoff has been part of AUDIA since 2016 and rounds off the portfolio of the Sömmerda hearing aid manufacturer. Find out more about Bruckhoff hearing aids on the following website.

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