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PPE Regulation
(EU) 2016/425

The new PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425 replaces the previous Directive 89/686/EEC as of 21 April 2018. From then onwards, only the new regulation will be used for certification – however, products that still comply with the “old” EEC Directive may still be marketed until April 2019. Transition from the PPE Directive to the regulation changes its legal form, thus the regulation will automatically come into force in all Member States of the EU and be applicable as national law.

Audia products compliant with the PPE Regulation
(EU) 2016/425

  • ePRO-X.S X.2M, X.3M, X.4M, X.5M
  • ePRO-X.A X.2M, X.3M, X.4M, X.5M
  • Alpine F7, F8, F10
  • DLO
  • Elacin CH25, CH26, CH28, CH30
  • Elacin RC15, RC17, RC18, RC19
  • Elacin ER15, ER25
  • DM blue, white, black

A fundamental change in the field of hearing protection: With the new regulation, harmful noise is officially recognised as an irreversible health hazard. Hearing protection thus falls under risk category III, which means stricter requirements for all in the business. As a trustworthy company, we undertake all measures to ensure straightforward, legally-compliant implementation of the new requirements. This allows you to continue to easily and efficiently adjust your hearing protection.

Audia products that are not compliant with PPE Regulation
(EU) 2016/425

  • ePRO-X.S X.1M
  • ePRO-X.A X.1M
  • Elacin ER9
  • Elacin RC13
  • Shotkiller
  • Sleeping protection
  • Swimming protection

Feedback to the
function test

The functional test is obligatory for all products approved according to DIN EN 352 and must be carried out in line with the manufacturer’s specifications. The result of the functional test must be reported in writing to the manufacturer (AUDIA). Only then does the product meet the requirements of PPE Regulation (EU) 2016/425.

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